Water Damage Tips For Homeowners In Charlotte, NC

Posted on: June 29, 2015 by in Water Damage
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Water Damaged RestorationWater damage is a serious problem that requires timely response. This is because the longer water stands freely in your home, the worse the damage is going to get. If a leaking roof lets in a lot of water, or a backed up sewer line forces toilets and drains to overflow, you will need to take certain steps to mitigate the damage. The first thing to do, however, is to call a certified water damage company in Charlotte. Our emergency water removal service is available around the clock. If done properly and quickly the water extraction service can for example help prevent issues with mold later on.

What to do Next

As you wait for the water damage cleanup team to arrive, you need to ask yourself a few questions to decide the next step. Ask yourself these two questions:

– What is the source of the water?
– Is it safe to remain inside the house?

Once you have identified the water source, you can try to stop it. For instance, you can turn off the main shut-off valve to stop water flow into the house. That is if faulty plumbing is the source of flooding. If it’s safe for you to stay in the house, you can start salvaging valuable items. Be sure to turn off the power supply to electrical sockets and unplug appliances that are at high risk of water damage. You can also move them to a safer location if they are not too heavy.

Water Removal

Once you ensure electrical safety and stop more water from flooding your home, you can do the following:

– Use a sump pump or mop to remove water from your home
– Remove wet carpets and colored rugs from wet floors
– Put wooden blocks between furniture legs and wet floors
– Gather and remove loose items from the floor
– Remove curtains, upholstery and cushions that may be at risk of getting in contact with the water
– Take artwork to a safer location

Water Damage Cleanup

– Do not try to move heavy objects because they are heavier when wet. Since wet surfaces are slippery, lifting heavy objects may lead to slip and fall injuries in addition to damaging the object
– Do not turn on wet electrical appliances as this may short-circuit the device
– Do not try to remove water using a vacuum cleaner
– Do not leave fabrics, carpets, books and documents on wet floors as this may cause irreparable damage

As soon as the water damage cleanup response team arrives, the best you can do is get out of their way, but stay close just in case they need something from you. The team will simply pick up from where you left off, remove the remaining free standing water, dry the affected floors and walls, carry out the necessary repairs and restore your home to its original condition.

In hopes of helping you protect your home from any type of water damage, whether it’s flood water or just a broken pipe, we have provided the above tips. If you should ever find yourself in need of a water damage repair contractor, give ExpertRestorationServices.com a call. We are located in Charlotte NC an provide disaster emergency services within 150 miles of Charlotte. Here’s our number: 704-817-2424.