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Local sewage removal services should always be called immediately for any sewer backup or blockage. ExpertRestorationServices.com considers sewer backup an emergency. Please note that sewage backup is an immediate health hazard to your family. Mopping water from a leaking faucet may be safe but raw sewage cleanup is best left to experienced professionals.

Charlotte NC emergency sewage removal services dispatch emergency sewage and waste water cleanup teams to protect your health. The truth is sewer water is gross and dangerous. A sewage backup will contain harmful bacteria for anyone exposed to it. You want to call an emergency sewage removal contractor immediately. They will rid your home of waste water and sewage. Our reliable and professional sewage cleanup services ensure the place no longer poses a health hazard to anyone.

Charlotte Sewage Removal Cleanup Services

emergency sewage removal clean up servicesOur sewage cleanup services are carried out by trained staff.  There’s not much comfort in any sewer backup emergency, so we provide a 1 year warranty on our sewer cleanup service. This will give you some comfort knowing you have selected the best sewage removal company in Charlotte NC. Call Expert Restoration Services in Charlotte at 704-817-2424 for a free no obligation quote on any emergency sewage removal services you may need.

Sewage cleaning services will vary based on:

• The type and extent of damage
• Materials damaged by waste water
• Degree of contamination considering the time elapsed since flooding
• Possible ways to remove waste
• Available ventilation

Blocked sewer lines causes sewage backup. Toys, diapers or sanitary pads dumped in toilets cause blocked drains in your home. When you get a sewer backup your home interiors are flooded with highly contaminated and hazardous black water, or mildly contaminated gray water with almost no solid wastes. It is crucial to immediately call local professional sewage removal services. When looking for reliable sewage removal companies in Charlotte NC make sure to check their online reviews. Charlotte NC residents in need of emergency sewage cleanup services can get a free cleanup quote by simply calling 704-817-2424. If you would like advice on sewage cleanup or prevention of sewage backup just give us a call.

Heavy rains and floods are also likely to cause a sudden increase in the water levels in public sewer lines. This eventually results in black or gray water outflow from toilets or drains in the lower levels of a building, such as basements. Damp or poorly ventilated spaces usually harbor bacteria and microbes. With sewage backup, the health risk simply is too great. Most likely sewage cleanup under house and appropriate decontamination measures are required to ensure the place is safe for further use.

24 Hour Emergency Sewer Cleanup Services

emergency-sewer-cleanupA sewer backup resulting in a raw sewage spillage in your home is a very serious matter and should be viewed as an emergency situation. If you see the gray water or worse yet the black water in any bathroom in your home, get to the phone. Your families health is in danger. You need to find a sewage cleaning service that can get their right now. You will never have to worry about a reliable affordable sewage removal contractor in Charlotte NC if you call ExpertRestorationServices.com at 704-817-2424. We provide emergency sewage removal services around the clock in the Charlotte and surrounding cities. Don’t take chances with your families health, we won’t!