Fire Damage Charlotte NC Restoration Company

If your Charlotte NC home has sustained a fire, you will need help with the fire damage cleanup. You certainly want the best Charlotte fire damage restoration company working on your home. You will find is the best when it comes to fire damage repair companies in Charlotte. We are dedicated to helping all of our clients with all types of fire or smoke remediation services. We understand how frustrating it can be to find a reliable restoration company to do the fire damage repair properly the first time. Our professionals are fully licensed and insured and we are proud to help our clients with all types of emergency services. One of the challenges from fire damage is smoke odor removal or smoke smell removal. No matter how extensive the water or smoke damage may seem to be at first, we will be able to help with a thorough cleanup whenever it is required.

Fire Damage Charlotte NC Fire Restoration Company

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

One of the primary services that we offer are general fire and smoke damage restoration. If you have recently experienced a fire in your home, it is important to make sure that all of the smoke and soot is taken care of. Not only can an unpleasant smoke smell linger if this is not handled quickly, but the residue can end up damaging the sensitive sections of your home. The smoke damage smell removal services take quite a while to do it properly. Smoke damage cleanup can be a real challenge based on the nature of the fire. This can result in rot and discoloration around the surfaces of your home. In the most extreme cases, the problem may weaken the structural sections of your home. Removing smoke smell from a house after fire damage is a specialty all its own. Smoke odor removal is particularly difficult from items like a mattress or upholstered furniture. All our smoke damage restoration services are safe for pets.

To ensure complete smoke odor removal, choose a professional smoke and fire contractor like We have all the knowledge and experience and professional equipment like ozone machines to speed up the odor removal process. Be sure to ask your Charlotte fire restoration company about options for removal of the smoke smell from your home. When providing fire damage restoration services, one of the hardest parts is the smoke odor removal. Please be patient because fire damage repair will take time if done properly.

Charlotte Fire Damage Restoration Process

Needless to say but even a small fire in your home can affect every surface in your  home. It’s amazing that smoke can get into areas that are tightly sealed. There are no areas of your home that are immune from the smell of smoke. There will be soot in places you never imagined. No need to worry as our certified fire and smoke restoration pros will get the job done. They are qualified to handled all aspects of the fire damage restoration process. First they will ensure your property is secured and safe. So if you need emergency board up services or perhaps a tarp on the roof to prevent additional damages it will be done.

Please remember that under your homeowner’s insurance policy, it is your responsibility to protect the home from subsequent damage. Our fire restoration technicians will be able to handle everything. Including emergency repairs to full reconstruction, odor removal and complete fire restoration. We provide our clients with a variety of other remediation problems. Any time there is a fire there will be water damage. So not only do you have to be concerned with water removal after a fire but then you face the possibility of encountering mold issues. All the moisture from extinguishing the fire provides a breeding ground for mold spores.

So a very high percentage of fire restoration clients find themselves needing mold removal or mold remediation. Cleaning or removing mold isn’t something you should try on your own. There are simply too many health hazards if you aren’t experienced on the correct way to remove mold. We always suggest a mold inspection when there is fire damage. Expert Restoration Services in Charlotte NC wants to give you piece of mind by being your full service disaster remediation company. Going through the tragedy of a home fire is very difficult. We want you to know we are available 24 hours 7 days a week. We are prepared for any fire damage restoration service or fire damage repair. Call us in Charlotte at 704-817-2424.