Emergency Water Removal – Extraction or Water Cleanup

Charlotte NC residents know if they need an emergency water removal contractor, ExpertRestorationServices.com is the one to call. We are available 24 hours with our emergency response team.

Heavy rains and major plumbing leaks can cause flooding for Charlotte homeowners. Many people attempt to clean up the water themselves. But they are seldom successful in removing all the water. Most homeowners simply don’t know how to go about removing the water. You must have the right equipment. Flooding and excess water can be devastating. There are solutions that can be employed right away to minimize structural damage.

If you have a water disaster in your home. Charlotte NC emergency water removal services is on call to help. An experienced water removal contractor can extract the water fast. This allows the clean up and recovery process to begin. Fast service can help reduce potential mold growth and damage to the home’s structure. An emergency water removal company in Charlotte NC should have the best equipment to remove water and get the drying process started. Our water disaster technicians are skilled in the water removal process. They will answer any questions homeowners may have about the cleanup and restoration process.

Emergency Water Removal Extraction Services

emergency water removal extraction serviceAn emergency water removal company should be able to reach the customer quickly, within 30 minutes of a water disaster. Our company offers an affordable flood water removal service with 24 hour service. We will take care of the emergency water removal and the cleanup process. Dependable water removal services in Charlotte NC should provide complete water remediation services.


Emergency water extraction services include:

  • Complete drying
  • Cleanup services
  • Disinfection
  • Mold inspection
  • Water damage repairs

Often replacement of drywall and other structural materials is required in the remediation process. An experienced company offering emergency water extraction services should be knowledgeable in repair, construction and building processes. They should be able to provide accurate estimates of water remediation costs as well.

Water Cleanup Process

The water removal and remediation process begins with a call to a water remediation company like ours. Our emergency response water damage team will be dispatched instantly. Our first priority is ensuring your family is safe. We will provide you with an estimate of the damage and cost of remediation is provided. The next step is to actually remove the water.

Drying through professional techniques is the next step in the process. Once the damaged area is dry, then the cleaning and disinfecting is done. This is done to prevent growth of bacteria and mold. You may want to consider a mold inspection after the water extraction and drying process. The cleanup process ends with removal of any areas of drywall or other structural areas that are deemed too damaged to be dried.

Our water cleanup team will also help you with your insurance company. They will make sure that nothing is missed. As you might imagine there could be serious health related issues from the water damage, like mold for instance.

charlotte-nc-emergency-clean-up-services24 Hour Emergency Water Clean Up Services

Water cleanup services after a flood or major water leak are crucial. A professional water remediation company can explain the process from beginning to end. Emergency water removal services should begin instantly. You are required by your homeowner’s insurance to take all measures to minimize the damage caused by standing or flooding water. Extraction, drying, cleaning and rebuilding, should be provided by experienced technicians who are knowledgeable about the water cleanup process. A reputable remediation company will provide and accurate estimate and begin removing water.

If you live in or near Charlotte NC and need water restoration services, call ExpertRestorationServices.com at 704-817-2424 around the clock.