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Charlotte Mold Removal And Remediation - Mold Cleanup Service

Charlotte Mold Removal And Mold Remediation

Our Charlotte NC mold removal company, offers affordable mold remediation services. You should get a thorough mold inspection if you have any concerns about possible mold spores in your home. As you will learn below the health hazards associated with mold are numerous.

The presence of mold in a dwelling should never be ignored. Following a flood or fire, the growth of mold is almost inevitable. However, it may not become apparent to the homeowner for a week or more after the incident. Whenever mold spores are discovered, property owners should seek professional mold removal and remediation services. For affordable mold removal Charlotte NC residents have chosen Expert Restoration Services as their top choice.

Charlotte Mold Removal And Remediation Company

Health Hazards

Although mold exists naturally in almost all environments, areas in which high moisture is found can encourage its growth. Certain structures become breeding grounds for particular types of mold that are known to cause health problems in humans and animals. These include the following:

• Skin allergies
• Respiratory problems
• Asthmatic wheeze
• Allergies
• Difficulty concentrating
• Sinus headaches

Thermal Mold Remediation Charlotte NC

Thermal mold remediation in Charlotte NC is the most common method used to remove mold and mildew. This does not require significant changes to a home’s infrastructure. In most cases, two or three cuts in the structure’s drywall are all that is needed. After the cuts are made, heated blowers force hot air into the walls, and problem areas are heated to temperatures of 150 degrees or higher. This kills the mold and eliminates bacteria and any troublesome insects that may be living in the walls. When using thermal heat treatment for mold removal Charlotte NC homeowners have experienced a success rate of about 92 percent, and no dangerous chemicals are necessary during the process. Only the best mold removal services in Charlotte can perform this method.


Various types of equipment are used by mold remediation professionals. The following items are regularly used throughout the evaluation and remediation processes:

• Moisture meter
• Humidity gauge
• Borescope
• Thermographic camera

As their name implies, moisture meters are used to measure dampness on various surfaces, such as wood, carpet, masonry or wallboard. A humidity gauge is often paired with a thermometer and the two tools indicate the level of humidity inside the home. A borescope is a hand tool that allows a mold remediation professional to see potential problems in tight spaces, such as walls, crawlspaces and ceilings. Thermographic cameras help professionals to detect major points of moisture intrusion and are a vital tool regarding the prevention of future mold problems.

Mold Cleanup Services and Moisture Removal

First please note that the mold cleanup Charlotte NC based provides is fully guaranteed. It is important to understand that mold spores cannot proliferate if moisture is not present. Therefore, controlling indoor moisture will in turn control the growth of mold possibly even black mold. For this reason, if water damage occurred after a flood or fire, it is not enough to merely have removed the mold. Rather, moisture and humidity must be controlled on a permanent basis. If mold cleanup is performed, but water problems are present in the home, the mold will return.

Contacting a Professional Charlotte Mold Removal Company

Unless the problem is extremely mild in nature, a mold removal and remediation professional should be contacted when this irksome substance is discovered. Trying to handle such issues without expert mold removal advice is almost always a mistake and may even lead to additional expense in the future. Homeowners in Charlotte NC, who want to know how to get rid of mold should make sure to choose an experienced mold removal company that can quickly and effectively restore their home to an enjoyable and safe condition.

When looking for the best mold remediation companies in Charlotte NC, you will find right at the top. Call us today 704-817-2424 and we will help with any mold cleanup problems or remediation needs.